Friday, July 31, 2009

summer holidays

Dog days of summer. It seems unusual for our neck of the woods but back in time (ie my childhood) these are the days of summer I remember. T and I went on the road for a couple of days - visiting Grampie. Along the way we stopped at Butterfly World and saw butterflies, fish and tortoises.

It was too hot for the goats to be on the roof of the store in Coombs as we passed by. Ah. But Cathedral Grove was lovely and relatively cool and once past the trail heads, not too crowded. The forest is changing, fewer and fewer of the old, huge trees remain but the big Douglas Fir is still there, as is the tree you can sit inside.

Monday evening we all went down to Kye Bay and T and I went swimming. T didn't like the taste of the water. I had to explain it was the ocean so salty. He sat and played trucks for a while and collected shells before we made our way back to Dad's. Tuesday I took T up to Miracle Beach - he found a little friend and they played trucks together and waded together and then made a big sand and seaweed crocodile with the friend's Dad - made for lots of trips in and out of the water picking up the seaweed strand by strand.

Wednesday morning back to the beach - first playing in the playground and then playing on the beach, a bit of swimming and then T found some more boys to play trucks with.
We took the afternoon ferry back and had dinner at Auntie K's. Thursday was beach with Uncle Mike - swimming, digging on the beach, covering up people's feet with sand, watching a backhoe take out and then put in a new bench. Fun.
Today we stayed home and played with the water hose and the water snake and all the new trucks in the sandbox (thanks Grampie for the stash of new/old trucks!)

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