Thursday, July 23, 2009

listen, I tell you

T has taken to making pronouncements - usually accompanied by holding his pointer finger in the air and moving it either just in front of his nose or almost along side it. "Listen, I telling you something", he begins. Lately this has been followed by the contest rules at dinner. Last night it was the "concert" rules which slightly confused D and I until we clarified that T meant "contest" rules.

He is starting to notice the difference between boys and girls and said the other day that he could only be friends with boys. He almost immediately had to ammend this as we were on our way to visit his friend Caroline (and her train set) at the time but it makes me wonder what those boys talk about at daycare.

We're having lots of summer fun - with the hose and bubbles. Almost every night, watering the vegetables becomes a water spray fest, usually ending up with T naked, soaking wet and shrieking with laughter. Tonight that was followed up with a bubble contest (yes, another contest) - the bubble gun vs blowing bubbles with the bubble hoop. I can win that one as it results in streams of bubbles all over the garden, which delights T. Too bad the bubble solution all accidently fell out of the bubble wand (I was in the kitchen when that happened) but it made a huge, soap snake when I hosed off the patio which entertained T for a while.

As I write this, my orange cherry tomatoes are in the oven, hopefully becoming yummy "moonblush" tomatoes. We'll see how they turn out tomorrow.

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