Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sunshine at last

Spring at last. And daffodils on the kitchen counter, courtesy of the Bradner Daffodil Festival last Sunday. The camelia and the star magnolia are blooming in the front yard. All is good.

T gets to play outside so much more now and is a tired little guy when it rolls around to bedtime - what a blessing! Of course, he's usually covered in dirt but all good!

I made the mistake of telling him about his playdate for next Sunday and of course, he wanted to go to the park and meet D right now. All the way home he kept saying, "D is really close now!". But by the time we got home, he seemed to understand my explanations about Sunday being 4 days away (but mummy it's sunny now). I think the sight of the "rogader" (road grader) distracted him a bit - he loves trucks.

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kerrymoore said...

Good start, T-Rex, and great picture.