Saturday, April 25, 2009

it's really all about trucks

T wanted to go to the library after daycare today. Or the libary as he calls it. He loves pushing the buttons on the elevator and looking at the books on display in the children's section. "Where are the truck books?" Off we went into the stacks, T somehow found a dinosaur book on the way to the transportation shelves. We picked out 6 more truck books for us all to read this week.

If T wants us to read he tells us "say it louder" or "I want to hear it".

At home, there was a parcel waiting for us from Florida. I asked T what he thought was inside as I was opening up the mailing tube (I already knew what it was). T said "a crane"? And when I took out the poster, he said hopefully "maybe it is a truck". And he was so happy when I unrolled the poster - "it is a truck!"

Thanks P in Florida!

Here's a project I've been working lately.

They are baby beanies I've been knitting as part of a project some local churches are involved in - to collect 10,000 beanies to distribute to various children's charities by Christmas 2009. D has been wondering if I plan on kitting out an entire hospital's worth of babies but for now I've had to stop as too much knitting is making my wrists and thumbs ache.

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