Sunday, July 22, 2012

july so far

Summer has taken a while to come to our parts this year. One night in late June, the boy and I drove home, eating cherries from the fruit stand, which is a sure sign of summer or would have been except for the rain and chilly days that followed over our holiday long weekend, each day wetter than the one before. It poured rain on the boy’s first day of summer camp and I anxiously watched the sky all day as the forecast said it would clear in the afternoon. And it did. In perfect time for the boy’s first tennis lesson. And everyday got better and better – sunny and warm.  Perfect for the boy to learn tennis all week and perfect for me to knit on the sidelines while he ran around.

Last week I took time off and spent the week as mummy chauffeur – driving the boy between morning skateboard camp

 and afternoon soccer camp

 with a picnic lunch (and ice cream)

 in between. Lovely. At the end of the week, the boy had a new soccer shirt, soccer ball and soccer poster, and a painted-by-him skateboard,

new skateboard pads and a lot of bandaids on arms and legs. In other words, it was a lovely week for him as well.

This week, it is back to work for me, but the boy’s fun continues at day camp. The highlights this week were a trip to the aquarium yesterday and a trip to the water park tomorrow (and DQ ice cream/beach/park today).

And we are loving the summer time fruit and veggies – strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, peas, potatoes, peppers, blueberries, etc.

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