Sunday, July 29, 2012

christmas crafting in july

A while ago I was asked by a friend if I knew anyone who could knit him a couple of personalized christmas stockings. After thinking about it for a bit, I volunteered to knit them for him. We choose a simple pattern, I went to a local wool shop and picked out some lovely yarn and got knitting. It was a great project to have as I sat on the sidelines at swimming or tennis lessons.

The stockings are done and given to their owner and he is really pleased with them. I'm pleased with them as well. Now I have another one to knit up as my boy wants one now as well. And another friend may want a couple of her grandchildren now that she has seen the pictures.

I used a Patons pattern, available on line. The reindeer design was taken from a garnstudio design and made to fit the fewer stitches I had to work with so any aberations are entirely mine.

The tree was taken from a template online and again modified to fit the stitch area. The tree is decorated with french knots and an embroidered star.

The names are added on the cuff , bells were added as decoration and I braided the three colours together to form a hanger loop.

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