Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today, being Sunday, the boy and I were on our own during the day (husband works). So today's adventure was going to the garden store and buying a birdhouse kit for the boy and lots (and lots) of seeds and bulbs (me). I need to come up with a plan for the garden rather than wing it, I suppose.

After the boy ran around the seed section and begged for everything from the super deluxe birdhouse ($129) to a plastic hawk (bird deterent), getting cups of water from the water fountain, with me playing bad cop (|"no, come here, behave, etc") I was a bit on edge. So I decided we would stop on the way home, weather permitting (ie no snow or hail or driving rain) and we would go for a walk on a trail I read about a while ago but still haven't ventured on. The boy bargained hard for a stop for ice cream on the way home but in the end we settled on walking in the woods until he was tired and then a trip for ice cream. We set off up the path, the boy running ahead. When we were about half way up the hill the boy decided he'd had enough. So we played dodge-em up the hill - he would stand in front of me to stop me from continuing, I would dodge around him and so forth. We could hear rushing water from the trail and had glimpses of rushing water through the trees. We came to a fork in the trail and one side led to a lookout. And a view of the falls.

And then we set off back home, at which point the boy was upset as I hadn't let him take a picture of the falls with my phone.

We stopped for ice cream and all was better again. The boy even did the happy boy ice cream dance. So I wasn't surprised when ice cream made the list as one of the two best things* that happened today. But I was surprised by the second - the falls. And nothing made the one bad thing that happened today list - not even stepping on his lego warship and destroying the guns.

Cypress Falls

*I took to asking this question occasionally after I read about it on Tea and Cookies. You ask each member of your family to identify two good things and one bad thing that happened that day. Try it and it might give you insight into your family too. I'm usually surprised by some of the answers.

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