Friday, February 25, 2011

spa trip nachos

It was our spa ladies annual spa weekend this past weekend. We visited here, and had a wonderful time. The weather was nippy but sunny, the company was stellar, the spa was divine and much food, wine, margaritas and daiquiries were enjoyed. And we left relaxed and buffed, kneaded, and with shiny toes. A newish tradition, now that we have condo type accomodations, with kitchens, is nacho night. We try our hand at making margaritas with the provided blender (not quite so successful this year as last for whatever reason - although in the end everyone pronounced the drinks good). Next year we might try and bribe the bartender in the restaurant to make us up bucketfuls and send them over to our suite, so we don't have to work so hard. We also make nachos. These are pretty basic so as to avoid various things that some members of the group don't like (jalepenos, green onions, olives, etc). So this year we used red and blue chips as the base (pretty), added some salsa, cooked ground beef and lots of cheese and cooked them until all melty. Served with sour cream they were delicious.

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