Monday, February 28, 2011


I had one of those moments tonight. I got distracted unloading the dishwasher while microwaving some popcorn and before I knew it, the kitchen (and the whole house) was full of smoke. So I spent a good deal of time running around opening windows and trying to wave the smoke out of the house before the smoke detector went off and woke up our boy. Why is it that bad smells spread so quickly, while lovely smells such as roasting cheese or baking bread take much longer to fill the house and don't linger nearly so long? I've filled small bowls of vinegar to dot around the house to soak up the odour and hoping it works.

Life has seemed a bit full on lately. Cold and snow last week which is unusual on the wet coast, a cold lingering in our boy, characterized by a chesty cough and the sniffles, just the daily stuff of life. But there are golden moments. Our boy will finally graduate from killer whales this time around, his third try and achieve his ambition to be a shark in swimming lessons. I got a great compliment from someone I admire today. So why am I so upset by a bit of burnt corn? I guess the moral is don't get distracted while microwaving popcorn or even better, don't even eat microwave popcorn.

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