Thursday, August 27, 2009

shoes and sewing projects

How ridiculous is it that a new pair of shoes will make me feel better after a crummy morning at work? Well, to be honest, it was a cute pair of shoes and a pair of boots. Hey, it's back to school time and I feel the need for a bunch of new stuff.

Which reminds me of the pile of fabric in my sewing room. AKA as the laundry/storage/cat's bedroom room. I decided in a fit of mummy do-goodness that I would make T a few pairs of long pants to meet his current criteria - long legs, skinny bum and must have elastic waist for easy on and off. And with summer's end just around the corner, I need to get them done. Preferably before next summer because then I'll have a pile of shorts to make. At least the pants will get me warmed up to make several pairs of pj pants as well. They need to be make for the same reasons.

Of course these would get sewn quicker if I spent less time reading novels, doing crosswords, going on-line to Facebook and blog, etc. Back in the days when I used to sew for myself, I usually had some big self-imposed deadline - trip, dance, meeting, etc - that I was wanting to wear the article to. It helped a lot with the sense of urgency as a motivating factor.

And I have to admit that I thought that sewing pants myself would give me some more style and colour options. Not the case - for pages and pages of patterns for girls, there were 2 patterns for boys. Sigh. And most of the kid fabrics are designed more on the girly side (pastels, princess patterns, pink and purple.

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