Sunday, May 17, 2015

what i was looking for

Our local grocery store was bought by a larger chain last year and recently changes have been happening. New store brands and products have been appearing on the shelves and other products that have graced our cupboard for years have disappeared. And at the cheerily empty question during the checkout I've taken to voice what I am missing from my search. These buns, this tea, etc. Upsetting to me but in the grand scheme of things, a mere blip. Well sometimes, when it was something my boy would eat and now I can no longer find, slightly more aggravating. But still. Recently what disappeared was a cheese thing - spreadable old cheddar to be precise which I had discovered and was my new breakfast go to in my new not working full-time outside the home life. I had it for a few weeks and then it was gone. I asked around the store and no-one knew what I was talking about and no one really cared. Frustrating. Annoying. But going back to peanut butter bagel was not going to cut it because it represents my past life and not my new one. Silly but there it is. So this week I gave it one last try. I looked in two stores and asked and it was not to be found. So I made one myself. And it was so simple. And it makes me so happy. Silly again.

Spreadable Cheddar
1 small block aged cheddar, grated
1 block cream cheese
milk to thin

Add the grated cheddar and cream cheese together in a food processor and pulse until blended, adding dribbles of milk as required to achieve a spreadable consistency (I used about 2 tbsp). Scoop into a container and keep in the fridge. Spread on crackers, bagels, or veggies and enjoy.

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