Monday, August 5, 2013

escape to the rock

Recently Molly has been writing about family traditions. And I was hard pressed to come up with our family traditions. It suddenly hit me on our long drive south to this place, for the seventh year in a row (I counted in my head) that this was one of our traditions. I should have realized earlier of course. And that our boy a few weeks earlier had called it, "our cottage in Oregon" should have been a big clue.

The drive down was fairly uneventful, no long border lines, no crazy traffic jams, only a slow drive from Seaside to Cannon Beach thanks to a utility pole replacement. This year it took some electronic amusements for the boy to stop the inevitable antsiness that sets in around hour 6 of the drive - the fascination for big trucks has waned but luckily the logging trucks in and around Longview Wa still entrall. We hit the beach and the boy immediately ran into the freezing surf and emerged half soaked before we made our way to the tidal pools around Haystack Rock. Luckily for this visit, low tide was mid-morning and early evening which allowed lots of time for exploring the tidal pools. There was also a morning riding fun cycles, some afternoon kite flying, a hike in Ecola State Park, and afternoon BBQ lunch, the usual digging in the sand and a beach bonfire while watching the sun go down. A lovely break from our regular busy days.

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