Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my favorite breakfast

Well, it might be one of my favorite breakfasts. I would never say no to a breakfast cooked by someone else, particularly my brother's pancakes. But this is the one I go to most weekends, usually eaten as I mix, stir or otherwise work on a recipe of two, while sipping a cooling cup of tea. There are a few variations. But the basics are a tortilla or a piece of toast, an egg (boiled, poached, fried), avocado if there are any, bacon (sometimes) and sometimes, cheese. A slick of mayonaise or mustard, some salt and pepper and there you are. Breakfast.

Served on pretty French plates with a big mug of your favorite tea!


Clare said...

I have a bit of a thing at the moment for mushed up avocado and a poached egg on granary toast. Yum.

Clare said...

I've been meaning to share this with you for ages - thought you would like these English sisters and their blog/youtube channel: