Saturday, December 22, 2012

boy makes treats

I haven't done too much baking so far for Christmas except to fill up goodie bags. I have managed to fill up a couple of small cookie tins for my guys but I haven't managed to make my family fruitcake or pfeffernuse yet. But the boy and I have made a few things together.

A couple of weekends ago we made Tortoises from this month's Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine. The hardest part of these treats was opening the caramels and smooshing them a bit over the nuts. We also managed to sneak in some math and counting for the boy - we need piles of 4 cashews plus one hazelnut for each turtle. One caramel per turtle and there are 15 turtles so how many caramels do we need plus more for each one that you eat. The boy lost interest by the time the chocolate was spooned over the nuts but no matter. He was helpful in packing them up and giving them away to his teachers, along with hugs.

Yesterday, it was the children's class party at school and one of the treats was candy sushi. I loved this idea and the boy loved the treat, so on the way home we bought marshmallows, swedish fish and fruit roll ups and made a couple of rolls. They are so easy and fun and the boy loved saying to his dad that we were having sushi for dinner!

Candy Sushi
large marshmallows
swedish fish
multicoloured fruit roll ups

For each "roll", insert a knife into the middle of a marshmallow. Into the slit, wiggle one fish so it sticks out a bit on each side. Wrap a length of fruit roll up around the outside of the marshmallow and dampen to stick.

You need to make these shortly before serving, otherwise they will go a bit mushy.

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