Saturday, August 11, 2012

dals - our way

my salmon supper plate
 I generally have a rule for myself. No new cookbooks. That I break this rule all the time is neither here nor there. The rule exists to stop cookbooks from taking over the laundry room, where they line up on the counter. I started out by thinking this book wasn't really for us. I don't know why but given our boy's issues with food, I still can't envision the day when we sit down and eat something that resembles the same thing for everyone at the table. But I picked up the book at my local bookstore and it fell open to a recipe I thought I would like to try. So I bought it. And so far I've made about 10 things from this book. Which means it is already one of my favorites. Jenny is a delightful writer and I so related to the school guilt chapter and many other things she writes about. One of my favorite passages is where she arranges her commute in time so she will see the last half of her girl's tennis lesson only to be told that she should have been there from the beginning. I've been there. Occasionally I manage to pick my boy up from school, only to be told that I should always pick him up and oh by the way, also drop him off.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband wasn't home for supper so I decided to cook salmon for the boy and I. I used the BBQ salmon recipe from Dinner: A Love Story and adapted it. Ok - I didn't have hoisin sauce so I used teriyaki sauce instead. But it was delicious. I loved it. The boy, typically for him. after saying he would love it, didn't even try it. Oh well. I loved it enough for both of us.

the boy's salmon supper plate
I also loved the campfire potatoes I served with my salmon.

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