Sunday, February 5, 2012

around our house this week

It's been grey and rainy a lot lately. By mid-week we were decidedly grumpy and the weather wasn't helping. I was tired of grey, tired of damp and my soul was longing for a bit of sunshine. I have these in the kitchen

and living room, which help with the idea that spring is on it's way. We had a house guest, who wasn't much trouble over the last weekend but who didn't do much.

He ate lots of vegetables and hay and entertained our boy.

We've had some lovely meals - this polenta and artichoke tart from the Wednesday Chef (thanks Luisa)

and this celeriac soup from Dana Treat accompanied by delicious yogurt biscuits from Super Natural Every Day.

And a couple of days ago, the sun came out. Everyone seems happier. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon to a bay full of nostalgia for my husband's family and introduced our boy to it.

Today we have plans, to go skating, build some Lego creations

and play in the park with a friend.

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