Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

It feels funny, still, being on the other side of Mother's Day, so to speak. For years, I was the one making the cards and cooking the breakfast in bed. My mum felt uncomfortable with the day, it must be said. She didn't really like the whole commercial aspect of the day and the cohersion of gift giving so to speak. She treasured all the kleenex flower cards and the handwritten menus for breakfast in bed ( they are still in a box in my dad's house). One menu reads "all bran with strawberries and milk, coffee and orange juice" so our cooking skills weren't really tested! But when we had outgrown all that, she didn't want gifts or cards unless they were handmade. After she died, I missed her on mother's day, tut tutting about its commercialism. She would so hate it now.

But now I am the recipient of gifts made for mom at preschool. This year's offering is a magnet and a card, which were already given to me on Friday because preschooler's can't wait to give presents. So here are my presents, on display on the fridge.

Please note the hearts on both the magnet (his cutout handprint) and the card, as well as the glitter, both of which my boy added just for me. I love it.

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