Wednesday, April 6, 2011

product testing

Last week I got to do something a bit out of my comfort zone. It all started on Tuesday when I got an email from my beloved saying that the breakfast TV show was looking for women to test skin cream for a couple of days and then appear on the show and talk about the product. They were looking for someone from each decade from 20’s to 50’s and were having trouble finding a 40’s and a 50’s someone. So I volunteered. Testing the face cream was the easy part. Appearing on TV was something I have never done.

I was quite nervous driving to the studio. I arrived earlier than scheduled and was let into the building by the security guard and shown to the green room. Immediately the make up woman popped in and asked me to sit in her chair where she proceeded to make me feel at ease and pampered by doing my makeup. And then she sat me in the hair chair and calmed my hair down. The producer came by and told me how the segment would go and what questions I would be asked. The sound guy came by and hooked me up with a mike pack and then I was taken into the studio. The rest of the testers were various producers, directors and on-air people from the station and they were all really nice. Our segment got pushed back until after the news so we stood around and waited. The camera people chatted to us and set up the testing products so they looked good on camera. And then it was time for our segment. There was a skin care expert off site talking about how best to treat skin for each decade but we couldn’t hear her and then each of us was asked in turn about the product we tested. Soon enough it was my turn to speak, so I looked at the on-air host as she asked me questions and I tried to answer and be me.

My review was “The product is nice. The cream is thick so a bit goes a long way. It smells a bit mediciny so it may be a bit off putting at night. The cream has a shimmer to it, so it makes you appear dewy and radiant. I like it and I’ll keep on using it but at $155 for the jar, I don’t think I’ll buy it myself”. And then it was over. The producer told me I did a good job and I was free to go. I kept the make up on as it made me feel special and pampered and I went on with my day.

My husband got our boy up in time to watch the segment on TV and our boy found it funny that mummy was “in” the TV. Then he got worried about whether I could get out of the TV and pick him up in the afternoon. After being reassured that yes, I would pick him up as usual he went on with his day as well. My husband reported that I was very “me” on my bit. Later in the day, I went online and found the clip on the TV show website so I could see for myself. Note to self, wear coloured lipstick or gloss next time.

So that was my TV adventure. And my oh so brief career as a product tester! I’m still using the cream and am waiting for all my lines to disappear but so far it hasn’t happened. I’m still hopeful though.

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