Monday, March 21, 2011


A little bit ago, I read David’s post about how to be a better blogger. And I’m taking some of the advice to heart so you’ll be seeing some changes here at mummydinosaur.

As I’ve had comments from some lovely people I don’t know personally but only through the blog world, I’m changing the way I refer to my family. My husband’s new moniker for blogging purposes is Skinny Man (SM). And I’ll refer to our son as either our boy, or our son. Because people who don’t know us won’t know who D or T refers to. (D is my husband, T is our boy for those of you reading older posts).

You might wonder how I came up with Skinny Man as a persona for my husband. Well, he’s been my Skinny Man since we met nearly 9 years ago. He’s long and lanky and much taller than I am. The nickname became official when I drew a comic of us entitled “Skinny Man and Sweater Girl go off on another adventure”. And the same comic was transformed to become part of our wedding invitation and some (lucky) friends and family got the caption – “Skinny Man and Sweater Girl are getting married”.

We had three captions for the invitations just to mix things up. You can do that when you are such a Bridezilla that you make your own invitations.

So now that I’ve admitted to the nickname Sweater Girl you might wonder why this blog is called mummy dinosaur. Well, around the time I started this blog, I would play dinosaurs with our boy and he was boy dinosaur and I was mummy dinosaur. I didn’t think it would be a blog name that was already taken and I was right. So I became mummy dinosaur. (It is also a reference that I’m an older mummy and sometimes feel like a dinosaur when among other mummies).

So that is us, our little family.

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