Monday, December 28, 2009

questions about angels

What wondrous things children say. T came running into our room this morning - "I was scared when I was sleeping". When I asked if he had a bad dream, he didn't answer. So I told him about my silly dream - about seals in someone's big back yard, sleeping in the long grass and me running to the pet store to get them some food. "That's silly", T said, "seals live in the sea." He then went on to tell me about his silly dream, about a peacock swimming in a back yard pool.

The other night - Christmas night actually, I was putting T to bed when he asked me where my mummy lived. I told him she lived in heaven now and that she was an angel watching over us. He replied "how do angels watch over us if we don't have holes in our roof?" Hmmm. The best I could come up with was that angels and fairies aren't bound by physical boundaries like walls, the float through air. "But why isn't grandma here" he asked. "Why is she an angel now?" I told him that she had been very sick for a long time and then she died. But that she didn't want to leave us and that she would love to be here with us and play with him. That she would love him and his cousins, she would be so proud of her grandsons. (So hard as I don't want to freak him out and let him think that anytime mummy gets sick, I could die and leave him. So hard too, as I still miss Mum and she would so love my boy and his cousins - all three are such special boys!).

So at breakfast, T sits up at the breakfast bar and tells me "it's a great morning!" Mummy and Daddy are home today and we're going to ride the train in Stanley Park later today.

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