Sunday, November 1, 2009

knitting projects

While going through my craft box the other day, I found a pattern for knitted mittens. I've knit socks for ages (although it has to be said, not lately) from a great pattern I found in a wonderful knitting store somewhere in Vermont, but I've never knit mittens. So using some leftover wool from a sock project, I tried the first one. And once you have one, you have to knit the second one. So here is my first knit pair of mittens.

My other use for leftover wool is baby beanies. A group of north shore churches started a project to knit or crochet 10,000 baby beanies for distribution to local and global hospitals, etc. I love these - the beanies are easy to knit, use up leftover wool and I get a feeling of accomplishment with each completed beanie. So far I've done about 15. Here's the latest one.

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