Tuesday, September 22, 2009

construction up close

T has had some very exciting moments recently. One day last week we came home to find a road grader (rogator) in front of our house. T was so excited. He couldn't get out of his seat fast enough to go and have a closer look. "Wook, mummy - a rogator! At our house!" (The reason that the road grader was parked in front of our house is that they have been replacing a major water pipe on the street above ours and for weeks we have been driving past the backhoe parked at the end of that street. Paving happened yesterday.) He had to take D out to look at the rogator as well, and they went up and looked up close at the backhoe. The grader was gone the following day. Oh dear!

Last Friday, D took T for a visit where his Uncle M works - they build and service trucks and buses so T had a wonderful few hours climbing all over trucks and getting completely filthy!

Sunday, after visiting the market, having brunch with a friend, heading out to the park for T to dig and swing and doing a quick swing through the grocery store, we came home to find an asphalt paver parked on our street. So we had to go investigate the paver up close, to discover that there were two police cars also parked on the street. We never did find out why as they left shortly afterward. T then had to take D out to look at the paver when he got home from work. They also discovered two big steam rollers being unloaded and parked around the corner.

Yesterday morning we watched the paver move up the street and head off to do paving on the next street up. While the paver was moving away, a truck moved in front of our house and unloaded a small roller. T got to watch before heading off for preschool. As we headed home from daycare, we saw a big truck down the hill. On investigation, this proved to be a big low loader being loaded with a big orange Hamm steam roller and the road grader. So we and another mum and her two boys, watched the equipment being chained up on the loader and the ramp going up before the driver waved to the boys and headed up the hill in the big, yellow, Peterbilt cab and low loader. So T has more truck and construction equipment stories to tell today at preschool!

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